What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis comes from the root word 'hypnos' which means 'to sleep'. Sleep however has nothing to do with hypnosis. It is a natural state of mind that allows you the ability to access everyday trance states of mind at will. A trance is a narrowing state of attention or focus. We are all hypnotized every day of our lives. Most people just don't realize it!

In basic terms, hypnosis refers to an altered state of consciousness or psychological state, generally characterized by certain physiological changes which may include relaxed muscle tone, reduced blood pressure, and a slowed breath rate.

Will you control my mind during Hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that YOU allow yourself to go into a state of relaxation and YOU allow suggestions to be accepted so YOU can make the changes necessary for a better life.

You are always consciously aware of all that is taking place in the hypnosis session. The Hypnotherapist never has any control over you. If he/she was to say anything you didn't agree with, you simply would not accept it. No one can make you do anything you don't already want to do. 

What is the difference between counseling and hypnosis?

Personal Counseling is when you feel you need someone to talk to about issues you are faced with and would like to work through. This is done in a safe environment where you can be understood and heard.

Hypnosis Is a process which allows you to go 'within' so you may quickly be able to find the reason or cause of what's going on in your life. It also offers the opportunity for implementing a healing process.