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I grew up in Southern California but a few weeks before my 30th birthday I had a strong 'knowing' in my soul that I needed to move to Washington State. Without a job, money or a running car, my son and I moved here on faith. Within a year I was married to my soul-mate. 

We started a new family together and are now proud grandparents.

In 1996 I opened Spirit Light Wholistic Ministries. My goal wasn’t to tell people what to believe but rather to help them feel better through a wide variety of means. This included Spiritual and Personal Counseling, Reiki, and performing Non-Denominational Ceremonies. In 1999 I opened a second business, White Horse Hypnotherapy & Healing Center. I've personally been through a great deal in my life and I know how difficult it can sometimes be. My passion is to help people through these difficult times and to hopefully improve their lives by learning techniques they can apply on a daily basis, to help them feel better and to find the 'Guidance Through Life' they need to succeed.

I am a Washington State Certified Counselor (CL 60160608), Hypnotherapist (HP10000993), and have been a Registered Nursing Assistant (NA00201126). In addition, I am a Certified Pastoral Counselor and was ordained a Holistic Minister in 1994 by the College Seminary of Holistic Ministries where I earned a Master's degree.  I've been a Hospice Volunteer ana Home Care Aid offering assistance to people in their homes. 

I am a Certified Instructor of Self-Hypnosis and a past Board Member of the local Chapter of The National Guild of Hypnotists and the Northwest Special Events Network. I've been an active member of The National Guild of Hypnotists, The Snohomish Wedding Guild, The International Metaphysical Ministry and The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (A spiritual based hypnotherapy).

Since 1996 I’ve performed several hundred weddings and other ceremonies all over Washington State. 

As a public speaker and educator I've been on the radio, facilitated workshops, and taught classes at numerous locations including the Everett Community College, Whatcom Community College, Ashmead College, The Denton Massage School, The Wellness Clinic in Arlington, and the Awareness of Life Church. I also share my information and knowledge at local bookstores, meetings and international conventions.

In my spare time I love working in my yard, singing, and working with horses & animals in general. I enjoy traveling to new places, even if it's just a short trip to someone's home to perform a ceremony. I also love to learn new ideas so I can pass them on to my clients.

 And most of all, I enjoy knowing that I've made a positive difference in someone's life.

 I hope you’ll allow me the chance to serve you with one of my many services!


"You have done more for me in my first session than anyone else has done for me after years of therapy. Thank you!"     H.O. of Marysville, WA

"My weight loss has now topped 50 lbs.! You really provided the therapy I needed...You are top notch. Thank you for your help."    L.O. of Kent, WA

"I went to Margarett Mae to stop smoking. I was very comfortable with her. She's very supportive & encouraging which I felt played a big part in my success. It will be two years now since I've quit smoking!"    P.P. of Arlington, WA 

"Thank you so much for my session today! It was a wonderful experience. You did a great job of letting me experience the moment but still guiding me and keeping me talking to record everything. It was a perfect blend of pushing and waiting on your part and I wanted you to know I really appreciate your technique. Thank you again!"  Heather